Why Hire A Wedding Limousine For Your Big Day

Your wedding day is absolutely one of the most special days of your life. Hiring a wedding limousine is the easiest way to add an extra touch of luxury and class to your event. But did you know wedding limos offer many benefits that go far beyond simply looking glamorous? As you plan the wedding transportation for your dream wedding, consider these six benefits of wedding limousines.

Benefits Of Hiring A Wedding Limousine

Benefit #1: Arrive in Style

When the bride arrives at the wedding ceremony, all eyes will be on her. Step out in style and be confident of a sophisticated entrance. A wedding limousine will allow you to stand out from the rest of your guests when you arrive at your reception and offer lots of opportunities for gorgeous bride and groom photos.

Benefit #2: Luxury and Romance

Many grooms love to surprise their bride with wedding limo hire on the day of the wedding. After all, there’s something inherently romantic about being whisked away to your wedding ceremony in a luxury wedding limousine.

Soak in the luxury and let yourself enjoy the red carpet treatment. Expect doors to open for you, refreshments to be served and a hearty smile. Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing ride with a glass of bubbly champagne, high-quality sound system, television and bar. Savour the moment, relax and unwind with your bridal or groom’s party.

Benefit #3: Stress-Free

It’s absolutely normal to feel a bit nervous on your wedding day, but stress about transportation doesn’t need to be one of those worries. With chauffeured wedding limo hire, you can feel at ease and have peace of mind knowing that you will be picked up at the right time so you won’t arrive late. You can leave all the parking and traffic hassles to your chauffeur. All you need to do is sit back and relax while you enjoy the ride.

Benefit #4: Privacy

A wedding limousine offers the best in privacy for you and your loved ones with a private cabin, tinted windows and a discreet, respectful driver who will ensure no one intrudes upon you.

Benefit #5: Spacious

Many couples get wrapped up in the excitement of the day itself and forget to factor in if there will be enough room in their vehicle for the entire wedding party. Because of their spacious size, wedding limousines are the best choice if you’d like to travel with your entire bridal party.

Benefit #6: Transportation After Your Wedding

A wedding limo lets you extend the romance beyond your first wedded kiss as you drive in style to your honeymoon. Getting whisked away at the end of the night in a limo creates a beautiful send-off to an amazing night. Whether you’re headed home or to your honeymoon destination, your chauffeur can accommodate.

Tips For Wedding Car Hire

#1 Book Well In Advance

If you have a dream car in mind for your special day, make sure you start enquiring as early as possible. To avoid a last-minute frantic rush, aim to book your wedding car hire at least six months before your wedding day in the off-peak season and at least nine to 12 months in advance if you’re marrying in Australia’s peak wedding season (September till November). Booking early is especially important if you are getting married on a popular day for weddings, such as Saturday, or if you will need different cars for your family, Maid of Honor, bridesmaids, best man and groomsmen. As with booking any of your wedding suppliers, it’s best to lock your desired transport in as soon as possible.

#2 Confirm The Schedule

To ensure you enjoy a truly stress-free day, don’t rush your hire times in an attempt to save money. If you don’t allow for enough buffer time, you may end up rushing the ceremony or wedding photography.

Instead, make sure you get true value for money by asking your driver to transport the groom, best man and father of the groom to the ceremony venue before delivering the bride. Plan extra time for photography for when the wedding limo arrives to pick up the bride. Plan your schedule carefully to maximise value for money without rushing your special day.

#3 Ensure There’s Enough Room

When deciding what size wedding limo you need, there are a couple of guidelines to follow. As a rule of thumb, most limousines will accommodate between 6 and 14 people, with some stretch limousines even seating up to 18 people. It’s best to avoid filling the wedding car to capacity. Aim to allow at least an extra person's worth of breathing room.

If the bride will be wearing a voluminous bridal gown, it’s important to allow extra room to avoid crushing the dress on the way to the ceremony. Count the bride as two people so that she has two seats to spread her skirt across if needed.

#4 Don’t Sacrifice The Quality Of Your Wedding Car

Your choice of wedding car will play a significant role in your special day and will appear in plenty of photos, so make sure you invest in high-quality wedding car hire with an experienced chauffeur.

By following these four simple wedding car hire tips, you’ll be well-prepared for your special day.

Relax and enjoy the comfort and luxury of our prestige limousines on your wedding day. The glamour, sophistication and elegance of a Hughes wedding limousine will give a sense of romance and luxury to enrich the memories of your big day. Get in touch today to learn more about our wedding limo hire.