7 Travel Management Tips To Become An Absolute Pro [Guide]

Business travel can be stressful enough without having to worry about what to pack, whether you’ll make your flight on time, or how you’ll get to that all-important presentation.

So, whether you’re travelling domestically or heading overseas, here are our top seven travel management tips that will help you organise your business travel like a pro.

1. Book Early

This may not be possible if your business trip comes up at the last minute. But typically, the earlier you book, the cheaper the costs and the greater the choice of flights you will have. It’s also worth signing up for airlines’ email subscriptions, as they often release deals to subscribers earlier than they do to the public…so you’ll be the first to know!

2. Take your time with planning

Changes to flights, accommodation, hire cars, and other services can be expensive once they are booked in. Do your research and take the time to plan what you need before launching into the booking phase. 

It’s also worth considering how you can make the most of your time. Can you see multiple clients, visit potential new clients, or add another stopover onto your journey to enhance your business prospects?

3. Review your travel policy

Before you book your flight, make sure you check the travel policy conditions carefully, because when you purchase a flight, you are entering into a contract with the airline. These contracts set out the specific terms of your booking, including whether you can cancel your flight or change your flight time. They also set out airline compensation policies if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

4. Sign up for loyalty programs

There are a range of potential perks to be taken advantage of by signing up to hotel, airline, or other loyalty programs. These range from priority boarding and lounge access to room upgrades, late checkouts, free breakfasts, complimentary hotel laundry, and Wi-Fi.

5. Get travel insurance

To make sure your business trip is as stress-free as possible, make sure you have travel insurance. Depending on the cover, domestically, it can include luggage protection and trip cancellation refunds, and internationally, it could cover you for overseas medical expenses including COVID-19-related events.

6. Organise transport

Efficient and reliable transport is key to successful business dealings. Whether you’ve got a client meeting across town or need to be present at multiple locations throughout the day, you need to allow sufficient time to get there. Ubers and taxis can suffice, but corporate transportation services (like ours) can avoid delays, traffic jams, and ensure you arrive at your meeting relaxed and ready to nail that presentation.

7. Use Apps

In our increasingly advanced digital age, apps are the ideal way to keep tabs on your flights, capture your expenses, and have the best possible business travel experience. 

Here are some of our favourites:


Pack like a pro with this app. Enter where you’re going, how many days you’ll be away and what you plan on doing, and it will create a list of equipment, clothing, toiletries, and more. Free on iOS and Android.


A comprehensive flight timetable aggregator, it also provides pricing and journey durations. Available on iOS and Android.

Smart Traveller

Provides up-to-the-minute travel advice for over 170 countries. It has a travel checklist, contact details for consular assistance and allows users to register their details with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade if you need to be reached in an emergency. Free on iOS and Android.

Seat Alerts

Allows you to set up an alert to find out when a particular seat is available on certain flights — including aisle and window seats. Free on iOS and Android.


This app lets travellers search, book, and access premium suites at airports worldwide — a must if you’ve got a long layover and need to freshen up for the next leg. Free on iOS.

Prey Anti-Theft

This app combats identity and data theft by enabling location services, GPS tracking, the ability to wipe data, as well as lock your devices remotely. Free with in-app purchases and available on iOS and Android.


Prepare for dreaded jet lag by getting your circadian clock on track before you leave. This app provides information on how to adjust your sleeping patterns based on where you’re travelling, and how far. Free on iOS and Android.


Get your local lingo in tip-top shape with this app. Over 20 languages are available for English speakers, and its gamification technology makes it fun and user-friendly. Available on iOS and Android.

Google Translate

Allows you to translate over 100 languages just by typing. It also has a nifty augmented camera phone where you can hover over a menu or sign and it will automatically translate it. Free on iOS and Android.


An essential app for those travelling overseas for business. It allows you to get from A to B (in over 39 metropolitan cities worldwide) as cheaply and quickly as possible using a variety of transport methods. Free on iOS and Android.

XE Currency

The go-to app for keeping tabs on overseas exchange rates. You can also track up to ten currencies simultaneously in “real” time if you’re visiting multiple destinations. Free on iOS and Android.


Automates the process of splitting bills if you are travelling with colleagues. Everyone can enter and sync their own expenses, and the app will then calculate who owes who. Free on iOS and Android.


If you’re keen to explore your destination in between meetings, this app provides excellent dining inspiration and also locates nearby ATMs, grocery stores, and movie theatres. Free on iOS and Android.